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HGH Thailand

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Great customer service!

At first I was hesitent about purchasing HGH online. I messaged the company, and was greatly impressed with their customer service. They answered all of my questions about dosage and addressed my concerns. Thank you


Very professional.

Once I ordered the Genotropin GoQuick, they reverified my shipping address. They sent me the tracking number and a picture of the reciept....very professional. I highly recommend this company and their product,and am lolking forward to being a .ong term customer.


Thanks alot

Thanks alot for the HGH. Very professional . Even so many needels. 😅😅😅😅 i wasnt expecting that. I defenitly save your number and if i need it more i will contact you


- Thank you very much, good customer service. Honest shop. Ordered together with a friend 8 packages, the store made a very good discount. A little afraid to send money. But after the conversation we sent money to the bank account of the store. Order received in 3 days! Good and honest store, thank you!


Thank you, a little hesitated, then sent money to the bank account, the growth hormone came in 4 days in Chiang Mai


I am very happy to say that today the genotropin quick pen arrived in the mail. I was amazed that it made it through customs but very happy thank you so much
, I will now save up for more


Received my order next day. Fast, convenient, and quality product. Was nervous at first because it is expensive and was worried it was a scam but very glad that it is not. Also service from seller is very good.


Thank you for this wonderful service. No matter if I'm in Chiang Mai or Bangkok, the delivery, customer service, and quality of medicine is always TOP NOTCH. Will always come back after the quality of service they have shown me here.


HGH Thailand is a new experience in Bangkok. I’m a expat for long time and I’ll never meet someone else who delivers in time. Always keep the promises they tell you. Product is in expert hands until you gets it. Right temperature and needles included. 



We are professional research agents and distributors of Human Growth Hormone products in several countries including Thailand. Our company is the first company in Thailand that can guarantee the most efficient quality and successful FREE delivery of HGH. We can provide Express shipment within few days to anywhere in Thailand.

Our team consist of people who has been working with anti-aging products for many years, particularly HGH. Our long research has shown that nowadays there are too many fake HGH products available online, including generic HGH from China. As a result, we establish a long relationship with the producers of famous brands to provide our clients real HGH products for the price of generic HGH. Our products are genuine, safe, and efficient as well as approved by FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in many countries.

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HGH therapy for lose weight

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HGH lose weight in Thailand

How to use HGH

The usual injection dosage of HGH is:          

2 IU (0.6 mg) for women 25-35 years old weighing from 40-70 kg

3 IU (0.9 mg) for women of 35 years old weighing 50 kg or more

2 IU (0.6 mg) for men 25-30 years old weighing 80-100 kg

3 IU (0.9 mg) for men 30 years old weighing from 80-120     

Time for injection:

It is better to do an injection in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach or or after the last meal 2 hours after dinner before bedtime (As practice shows, dividing the daily dosage into several parts gives the same result as 1 injection per day)

The full course lasts for 6 months to complete the perfect result of the body of your dreams! Take HGH 6 days a week Monday - Saturday (Sunday pause) 6 month course divided into 2 parts - 3 months 6 days a week, then a pause 30 days, then again 3 months 6 days a week

Anti-aging Purposes

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