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HGH Pharmacy in Bangkok accept cash payment

Cash payment in Bangkok

Our online growth hormone pharmacy in Bangkok accepts payment by cash,
only available in Thai Baht, payments are made to the courier after
checking and inspecting your personal order.

How to pay from other cities and regions in Thailand?

Payment to customers from Phuket, Chiang Mai or other cities and
regions of Thailand is made by prepayment.

After you have placed an order on our website using the shopping cart
or through an online consultant, we will send our bank account details
to your email for payment.

- Name of the bank

- Account number

- Company name

After confirming the payment within 3-12 hours we will ship your goods
at the shipping address

Read more about delivery (link)

How do I add money to HGH pharmacy account?

To top up the account in cash, there are 2 ways, let’s talk about each one.

1)     Account top up through ATM

2)     In each shopping center or a major Thai store, you can find ATM
Machine to top up and transfer funds to another recipient, this can be
done using a card or through cash machines that accept cash

To do this, select the operation in ATM

- Money transaction

- Enter the name of the bank

- Beneficiary's account number

- Then pay in cash or on the card

- After confirmation, confirm the name and company name of the recipient

- Confirmation of an order

After completing the payment, please save the receipt


Transfer through the bank branch

If you go by yourself directly to the bank, the whole process will

take no more than 15 minutes, just write or print the details for
payment in advance, transfer the bank transfer data to the bank, the
bank employees will help you to transfer with smile and politeness.

For bank account holders in Thailand, the payment process is even
easier, payments can be made using a mobile banking application or
online banking without leaving your home.

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