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Genotropin from Turkey - Buy HGH from Pfizer in Turkey


 1. Where to Buy Growth Hormone from Turkey or where is Genotropin produced?
 2. Human Growth Hormone from Turkey for sale
 3. Price of HGH from Turkey - Genotropin
 4. - official distributor HGH Pfizer in Thailand
 5. International delivery of HGH from Turkey

 6. Original packaging of Genotropin from Turkey

HGH Genotropin from Turkey

It's not a secret that large European companies are transferring their factories and plants from Europe to other countries, for example Turkey, to reduce production and cheap labor. All production and quality of products is at the highest level under the close supervision of the company Pfizer from Belgium in Istanbul. Since more than 10 years, human growth hormone Genotropin is manufactured and produced in Turkey. Thus, Pfizer produces growth hormone in Turkey for subsequent sale to needy patients from around the world

HGH Genotropin from Turkey

What is the difference between growth hormone from Turkey and Belgium?

HGH Genotropin from Turkey

In fact, there is no difference whatsoever, it is the same product, the same synthesized somatropin for injections, the fact is that the difference is only in the packaging, the company Pfizer packs its product into packages in different languages and instructions in the language of the recipient's country. Thus, Genotropin is packaged in Turkey, for Belgium in German, for America in English and so on. As a result, this same product is packaged in different languages.

Price of Human Growth Hormone from Turkey - Genotropin

So, how is the pricing for Genotropin going on? Pfizer gets its product to Europe in packing and instructions in English, German or French, but importantly after importing to Europe or the USA, not to mention high prices in Australia, the price increases many times at the same price product of growth hormone from Turkey in packages for each country of the consumer

International Shipping from Turkey


International Shipping from Thailand


Local delivery in Thailand - official distributor Pfizer in Thailand

Why buying growth hormone in Thailand is profitable and safe? . Let's start with the fact that the products of human growth hormone are completely legal and can be released without a doctor's prescription. Prices our growth hormone pharmacy in Thailand is the official distributor of HGH, all deliveries we receive directly from Turkey and therefore can offer you a good price for Generotropin, including for treatment courses with monthly payments and supplies. All deliveries to Thailand we carry out directly with the company Pfizer in Istanbul

 International shipping of Turkish Genotropin

Our growth hormone pharmacy provides free international delivery of Turkish HGH from Thailand, also supports your order directly from Turkey for both small orders and wholesale for sale. Shipping is completely safe we guarantee 100% receipt

How long does the delivery take?

Turkish growth hormone - Genotropin is dispatched from Bangkok, in the US the delivery takes up to 7 days, to Europe or Australia to 5 days, Singapore and Asian countries 2-3 days

How look like original Genotropin package from Turkey ?


One of the main directions of our growth hormone pharmacy is loyalty to our patients and a guarantee of getting supplies of growth hormone from the best producer and the highest quality, a guarantee of safety of the human growth hormone product. But recently, the ways of forgery from China have become frequent, in order to protect you from forgery, please visually acquaint with the actual packaging of human growth hormone for 2018 Genotropin from Pfizer

 Note - Genotropin - never produced in China

And since the original Genotropin package from Turkey looks like

Photos from all 6 sides of the Turkish package Genotropin

- All inscriptions on the packaging in Turkish
- In the left corner, embossing for easy opening
- On the right side of the QR code for verification (can be done using the camera phone and the application)

Genotropin from Turkey

- back side without embossing and qr codes

Turkish package Genotropin


Genotropin from Turkey - Buy HGH from Pfizer in Turkey 

Genotropin from Turkey - Buy HGH from Pfizer in Turkey 

Genotropin from Turkey - Buy HGH from Pfizer in Turkey


Genotropin from Turkey - Buy HGH from Pfizer in Turkey

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