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HGH in bodybuilding, muscle growth by Human Growth Hormone

1. HGH in bodybuilding, muscle growth
2. The importance of strength training for muscle growth
3. Why do I exercise, and the muscles do not grow?
4. Personal trainer and the importance of control during the course of HGH
5. The Importance of a High Protein Diet for the HGH сourse
6. The importance of sleep with HGH injections
7. An abundance of fruits and vegetables in the diet
8. Refusal or reduction of alcohol in the treatment of Human Growth Hormone
9. HGH - accelerator of your result by 200-300%
10. How does a muscle grow with HGH?
11. Cardio for the heart: the beauty outside - health inside

HGH in bodybuilding, muscle growth

Strength, endurance, perfect muscle relief are the three main results that every bodybuilder aspires to achieve. Moreover, the external impeccability of proportions is put in the first place: it is not by chance that this sport received the second name “bodybuilding”, in other words “body culture”.

It is not so important how much weight the athlete squeezes out, the main thing is how developed his muscles are, whether the figure corresponds to accepted standards. For this bodybuilders are willing to work hard and hard, even through pain.

To speed up the goal, experienced bodybuilders recommend to buy Genotropin - a drug based on human growth hormone.

The importance of strength training for muscle growth

Originating almost 140 years ago, bodybuilding proclaimed with his idea the maximum possible and at the same time uniform development of all muscle groups. Hence the main task of each workout - building muscle mass. Best of all this contribute to strength training. Five of them in bodybuilding are called basic polyarticulaire.

These include squats, deadlift, bench press, rod pull to the belt and bench press standing. Each of these elements has its own purpose: from the development of the musculature of the legs to the strengthening of the abdominals. The full complex is aimed at the overall result. Bodybuilding trainers distinguish 4 main advantages of strength training:

- Muscle growth while burning fat. During these exercises, the body consumes a large amount of nutrients. Involved and carbohydrate stock - glycogen. At the end of the workout, regenerative processes are started that burn fat.

- Acceleration of metabolism. As a result, the appetite increases, which is also extremely important for building muscle mass: there will be no growth without an additional intake of calories. This is especially true for thin athletes who gain weight is problematic.

- Study at once all the major muscle groups. According to scientific research, it is under this condition that the body actively develops testosterone and growth hormone, which, in turn, contribute to an increase in muscle mass.

- Activation of the respiratory and nervous systems. This significantly increases the hormonal level, which also ultimately has a positive effect on muscle growth.

The conclusion is obvious: strength training requires a serious, comprehensive approach. If you just swing your chest or biceps, then you will not be able to achieve the desired effect.

Why do I exercise, and the muscles do not grow?

This question is often asked by beginners. As a rule, we are talking about those who are trying to master bodybuilding on their own, without the guidance of a trainer. There are several reasons.
First, a novice athlete, as a rule, takes up the matter of zeal, but without proper knowledge.

Therefore, it often includes unnecessary exercises in the training program that create an extra burden. And since there is still no skill to accumulate energy for long-term training, the main thing is simply not enough strength.

Secondly, beginners often violate the technique of strength training. As a result, either an insufficient load is created, or the muscles that need to be emphasized are not worked out. In addition, rarely in self-study does anyone perform the optimal number of repetitions - there should be 5-7 of them. This amount provides the most effective growth of muscle mass.

Beginner bodybuilder, who has mastered the correct implementation of basic exercises, can in the first months to increase body weight by 5-7 kg.

Personal trainer and the importance of control during the course of HGH

In order not to wonder why training does not give results, and not to waste energy, it is reasonable to resort to the services of a personal trainer. Let us turn to the experience of the famous Jeffrey Life, who believes that his achievements in bodybuilding are largely due to the professionalism and inflexibility of the mentor.

Imagine: at every session, your body should go to the limit of physical abilities in order to overcome this trait by increasing the load. It is possible that if you do the exercises yourself, you will regret yourself and refuse to work “through I can’t”. If you believe the statistics, it happens most often: about 60% of beginner athletes perform the training program only half. But the mentor will not allow to relax - for the sake of your own result.

Of course, a personal trainer is not a tyrant who wants to torment you. Just the opposite. He will not allow the athlete to mindlessly exhaust the body, but will focus on correcting weak spots. A good mentor will develop for you an individual program and diet. But the main thing is not even in this, but in the ability of the coach to determine which specific exercises and training techniques will be most effective for you.

The importance of a high protein diet for the HGH course

During intense workouts, when glycogen stores are reduced, the body begins to replenish energy due to protein, which is the basis of muscle tissue. Accordingly, its number in the cells must be regularly restored.

To do this, you must follow a special diet with a high protein content: its bodybuilder needs 2-3 grams per day for each kilogram of body weight.

That is, with a weight of 100 kg, the athlete should receive daily 200-300 g of protein. Where to get it?
The first source is your usual diet. Make sure to include in it:

- egg whites
- beef and veal
- poultry and turkey meat
- cottage cheese
- a fish

The question of the harm and benefits of egg yolk remains controversial. Many athletes value it as a source of important fats and vitamins. On the other hand, fatty acids slow down the production of growth hormone, thereby reducing the effectiveness of building muscle.

Some experts argue that the protein intake from normal food is enough to restore it to the muscle tissue. However, at high loads it is recommended to add sports nutrition, which contains protein derived from whey. Its main advantage is the rapid speed of absorption: only a few minutes, while the meat is digested for more than one hour.

Separately, it should be said about the need to increase the calorie content of food. Bodybuilders need to absorb up to 3000 kcal per day, only then muscle growth will be effective.

The importance of sleep with HGH injections

Along with regular workouts and proper nutrition, the basis of progress in bodybuilding is a complete recovery. Here the main role is played by a night's sleep, which needs to be given at least 8 hours. With increased intensity of load, the duration of rest can be increased to 9-11 hours.

Why is this so important?
The fact is that during sleep, hormone production is activated, including HGH. In the first 2 hours after falling asleep, its level in the body increases markedly, thereby accelerating the process of splitting fatty acids and stimulates anabolic processes. Ideally, you need to relax in the afternoon - about 1-2 hours.

If for some reason the previous night was sleepless, it is better to postpone training. It is unlikely that you will be far away in a state of fatigue, but you can harm the nervous system.

An abundance of fruits and vegetables in the diet

Despite the fact that fruits have a solid reputation as a source of vitamins, many bodybuilders prefer not to use them. "Frightening" factor - the content of fructose, which is converted into fat.

However, do not forget that the reserves of glycogen in the liver are periodically spent and require replenishment. In addition, fructose will provide glycogen and muscle, preventing their rapid fatigue in training.

Therefore, the day menu is to make:

- grapefruit
- oranges
- apples
- cherry
- watermelon

Such a set will help the body's regenerative processes and enrich it with valuable trace elements.
As for vegetables, their benefits for athletes no doubt. Bodybuilders are especially recommended artichoke, sweet pepper, spinach and a variety of cabbage:

Brussels sprouts, broccoli and kale. These products are chosen not only because of the high content of vitamins, fiber, calcium, manganese, copper. In their composition can be detected and polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, which help reduce cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Sports nutritionists advise to eat at least 3 servings of vegetable dishes daily and 2 fruit dishes of 90 g each.

Refusal or reduction of alcohol in the treatment of Human Growth Hormone

The overall detrimental effect of alcohol on the body is well known, but in this case it’s worth telling what harm alcohol is for bodybuilders. Ethanol contained in hot drinks reduces protein synthesis by 25%.

This means that drinking a quarter will lower the effectiveness of building muscle for which you work so hard.
In addition, alcohol reduces the level of testosterone by 24% - a steroid responsible for muscle growth. So the damage is double.

In the future, regular libations - a significant drop in power indicators. Therefore, if you are tuned to progress, it is better to refuse alcohol at all.

HGH - accelerator of your result by 200-300%

For decades, HGH has remained the most popular anabolic drug among bodybuilders around the world. It naturally activates protein synthesis and thereby contributes to building muscle. If you strive to achieve a “body culture” as quickly as possible, a reasonable solution is to buy HGH and take it according to the recommended dosage.

The demand for the drug is due to its obvious advantages:

- unlike anabolic steroids, it is not the hypertrophy of existing muscle fibers that stimulates, but an increase in their number

- along with building muscle mass helps reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat;

- protects the cartilage of menisci, intervertebral discs, as well as ligaments from microtraumas

- increases the overall energy reserves of the body

In addition, for injuries to bones, joints and muscles, growth hormone treatment is effective: the product restores cells and ensures rapid healing

It is important to remember: Human growth hormone is not a miracle injection from which muscles will grow without your efforts. This is just an assistant, allowing you to speed up the achievement of the result by 2-3 times.

Of course, all this applies only to the original drug, and not to its dubious counterparts. Want to buy legally human high quality growth hormone - contact only the official distributor of the manufacturer.

HGH Thailand delivers the product to all countries of the world. HGH for sale online in the same way has all the licenses and certificates, as well as sold directly in Bangkok. Delivery to anywhere in the world takes a maximum of 7 days.

How does a muscle grow with HGH?

This process requires 2 factors - power and voltage. The first you must provide constantly by a protein diet, the second is created with proper training. During strength exercises with maximum load in the muscle fibers micro-breaks occur. Receptors of the affected cells give signals that recovery is required.

The synthesis of a protein is started, the molecules of which begin to be embedded in the damaged areas. This is how the muscle grows, increasing its volume and mass. That is why to achieve the desired result, professional bodybuilders recommend practicing at the limit of strength.

Cardio for the heart: the beauty outside - health inside

No self-respecting bodybuilder will not be limited solely to strength training, just to become a mountain of muscle. Bodybuilding is a sport of healthy people, so exercises to increase muscle mass must be supplemented by jogging, cycling, swimming and other aerobic exercises.

They help strengthen the heart muscle and respiratory system, increase stamina and ultimately contribute to the creation of the perfect body.

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