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How to use Genotropin pen, activation and mixing of growth hormone?

HGH Genotropin from Pfizer is the most convenient and popular in the use of the drug of growth hormone in Thailand, below is given a detailed step-by-step instruction on the activation of Genotropin pen goquick 36IU Package Content Genotropin:

HGH Thailand - how to use pen?


- HGH pen with ready-made injection solution

- Instruction to the preparation

NOTE - Needles are not included in the composition, we provide free of charge in the kit

HGH Injections Thailand

Genotropin needle setting, set up the needle

Genotropin needle setting

Next, we need to set up a needle, for Genotropin pens use needles

BD micro fine + 0.25 x 5-8mm (29,30 or 31 G)

Official dealer HGH Thailand

Needles for growth hormone are sterile, just remove the protective packaging

looking for hgh thailand
Gentropin pen injection

further simply we twist a small corner to the handle of a growth hormone

Genotropin pen  Growth Hormone Mixing 


Now, growth hormone is ready for mixing

Genotropin Growth Hormone Mixing

For convenience, the upper cap can be temporarily removed

genotropin thailand
genotropin thailand

It is convenient to take the upper part of the Genotropin Pen with your left hand

HGH genotropin thailand

Now we begin to turn the pen of growth hormone with the needle clockwise, screwing it inside. The task from position A is to turn the knob through position B to the end to position C

mixing growth hormone
HGH Thailand Pharmacy

During the rotation, the growth hormone is completely displaced and ready for injection

HGH injection Phuket

You will receive 12 mg (36 IU) ready-to-use solution of growth hormone for injection

growth hormone for injection in Thailand

Dosage of Growth Hormone Genotropin

now you need to set the dosage of growth hormone for injection

growth hormone for injection in Bangkok

The dosage of growth hormone mg to UI

0.3 milligram HGH is equal to 1 IU
0.6 milligram HGH is equal to 2 IU
0.9 milligram HGH is equal to 3 IU etc
Just move the wheel in any direction up or down to set the dosage
now everything is ready for injection, about how to do an injection of growth hormone, please read in the next article

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