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How to injection HGH - Genotropin HGH instruction how make injection

Genotropin - is a unique product of growth hormone in Thailand and in other countries, has established itself as a quality convenient and safe product

How to independently inject a growth hormone?

After you activated the HGH pen set the dosage you need, you can start injecting

 Genotropin HGH instruction how make injection

- remove the protective cap from the needle

Genotropin HGH instruction

- everything is ready for injection, the injection is done with clean hands and the skin is pre-treated with alcohol

HGH inject

- The task of injecting growth hormone under the skin into the fat layer (not muscle)

Note! You can use any place on the body (buttock, leg, stomach or shoulder)

- Next, you need to enter a needle to a depth of 5 millimeters, you can do at a right angle or slope - as in the picture

hgh ingwctuions with genotopin

- Please do not worry, the needle is very thin, it does not hurt at all

- Then just press the button and hold for 5 seconds

somatropin injection

Ready! it's very simple with the help of injections of growth hormone, you are getting younger and healthier every day

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